Inflamed Taste Bud

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Inflammation of the taste buds can make an individual incompetent to properly taste a certain food or drink as he used to.

There will also be excessive irritation, swelling in that certain area and sore tongue. Nonetheless, there are some reasons which cause recognizable bad taste. Given below are some of the most well-known causes:

• Exposure to pollutants such as insecticides and tobacco smoke.

• Disorders of the endocrine like diabetes mellitus, hypoadrenalism, hypothyroidism as well as dental problems.

• A few herbs and supplements like chewing gymnema leaves

• Consumption of foods which are spicy, salty or very hot.

• Allergy or infection of the stomach which can inflame the whole esophagus

• Presence of an infected cut on the taste bud done by the teeth during cross bite

• Presence of tongue or mouth ulcers because of yeast or thrush infection

• Intake of acidic foods which include some sauces, limes, grapefruit, lemons and more

• Overcooked foods due to high temperature. These can result to irritation and also minor inflammation for several hours and distention of the stomach.

• Some deficiencies in minerals and vitamins

• Laryngectomy in which a portion or the entire larynx is surgically removed. This is usually for the treatment of cancer of the larynx.


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Inflamed taste buds because of bites and scratching can be treated with application of glycerin on the area that is affected.

For thrush infections which involve the presence of white spots on the tongue as well as on the roof of the mouth, gargling with tea tree oil three times in a day can be highly effective.

Even if tea tree oil is frequently used as a weapon to fight against infections brought about by fungi, bacteria and virus, direct swallowing of tea tree oil will result to hallucinations.

When the infection starts to subside, anyone can start using honey to accelerate recovery since it contains potent antimicrobial properties. Rinsing the honey in the mouth or have it otherwise can aid in the treatment of inflamed taste buds quickly.

When pepper, garlic and ginger are combined and taken in the form of a pill or may be used as a soup preparation three to four times a day within a week will also aid in the fight against infection resulting to inflammation of the taste buds.

In the case of burns, intake of soft and cold foods as well as chewing of ice chips can provide relief from pain and inflammation. Also, the area that is affected will be prevented from being aggravated at the same time.

Basically, treatment will depend on its underlying cause. However, if you are incapable of making the diagnosis for the actual case, it is advisable to consult a physician before you opt for the home remedies given above. But in dealing with severe infections in the mouth, the doctor may recommend the use of antifungal or antibiotic drugs such as amoxicillin or metronidazole so that relief from pain and inflammation can be obtained instantly.