Gas relief

Causes of Stomach Gas
Gas relief

The two primary causes of bloating due to the presence of gas in the stomach include indigestion of food and swallowing of air. Aerophagia is the term used for swallowing of air. We tend to swallow air while we eat or drink. But when air is swallowed excessively, it will result to presence of gas in the stomach.

Some of the causes of stomach gas are smoking, eating and drinking in a hurry, wearing loose dentures, chewing gum and drinking using a straw. Majority of the swallowed air will be released by way of belching or burping while some of it will be absorbed in the small intestine. The food people consume will go to the small intestine to go through digestion. But some of the food consumed like carbohydrates and fibers are not broken down by the small intestine because some enzymes are lacking.

As a result, food will go to the large intestine to be broken down by harmless bacteria into oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and in several cases, into methane. Fiber and sugar which remain undigested will result to stomach gases.

Foods to Stay Away From

Foods to Stay Away

Usually, foods which are rich in carbohydrates can lead to stomach gases. Some kinds of sugar which result to gas include fructose, sorbitol, raffinose and lactose. Problems with stomach gas can result even with a diet high in protein which consists of asparagus, beans, whole grains, broccoli, sprouts and cabbage.

All dairy products and processed dairy products contain lactose. Fructose can be found in wheat, onions and pears. It is also used as a sweetener in non-alcoholic drinks. Moreover, sorbitol is a kind of sugar found in fruits such as pears, prunes, peaches and apples. Eating too much starch when you are on a high fiber diet can lead to stomach gases.

Stomach gas can also be possible with food items such as corn, potato and pasta with high content of starch. Take note that soluble fiber can be harmful to the body if it has the predisposition to form gases. Therefore, the first step towards the relief from stomach gas will to be avoid them.

Aid from Flatulence

  • Diet – In case, your body is inclined to cause gases, among the remedies for bloating will be to strictly stay away from food which can result to gases. But you have to check with your doctor before making any changes in the diet. Unconsciously, diet changes can lead to malnutrition. Also, staying away from foot items which are high in fat could go a long way in providing relief like inflammation of the taste buds . Trial and error method is the only way to know the bothersome factor considering that the amount of gas present in the stomach will differ from one individual to another.
  • Ginger Root Tea – This is considered to be the best cure for stomach gas. Bring to a boil two slices of ginger root in one cup of water. Drink it two times in a day for two weeks to get quick relief.
  • Honey and Lime Water – Remedies for stomach gas such as lime water and honey can be helpful in the release of gases to a remarkable extent. Combine a tablespoon of honey in tepid water and then squeeze lemon in it. Stir it properly and then drink it on an empty stomach for a definite relief.
  • If you follow a strict diet, do exercise and follow regular meal patterns, you will surely notice a reduction in flatulence. Another way of avoiding stomach gases will to be increase physical activity. The best measure that anyone can use to ward off this condition will be to adopt a healthy lifestyle.