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Umbilical hernia in adults

Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia is among the abdominal wall hernias. Even if these hernias are mostly hereditary, they could also develop during adulthood. Umbilical hernia is primarily a protrusion of the contents in the intra-abdominal area because of muscle weakness in or around the navel or belly button, learn more on

Therefore, this is also known to be the belly button hernia. In most cases, umbilical hernias will begin to disappear on their own as the infant turns one year old. But umbilical hernias which occur during childhood should be treated because they can be somewhat damaging both medically and cosmetically.


One of the basic causes of umbilical hernia is abdominal wall weakness which may develop during birth or later in life. Following birth, the umbilical cord of an infant will pass through a tiny opening once the muscles in the abdomen are sealed. But when closure does not happen as intended, weakness will develop in some muscles of the abdomen.

If excess pressure is applied on the abdomen, this will result to umbilical hernia. An extremely common reason for the protrusion of umbilical hernia is obesity or being overweight, read more info on In women, hernia of the abdomen can also result due to multiple pregnancies or lengthy labor. Medical conditions such as tumor or excess fluid in the stomach as well as lifting of heavy objects will also weaken the muscles in the stomach resulting to protrusion.


umbilical muscles

The most observable sign on umbilical hernia is a bulge, swelling or protrusion in and around the umbilical muscles. The hernia can consist of fluid, tissue or part of an organ. The bulge can either be extremely small or large.

Inflammation can also occur around the area or the presence of bluish tinge on it which could indicate strangulated hernia, find much more info on Another common symptom is jaw pain. This occurs especially when the person bends, coughs or strains during bowel movement.


It is easy to diagnose umbilical hernia through physical examination. But the doctor could recommend an ultrasound or X-rays in order to determine your treatment course and to rule out other complications as well. The only treatment recommended for this condition is surgery. The surgeon will administer local anesthesia and will make an incision below the belly button.

He will either push the protrusion back inside the abdomen or may surgically remove it through cutting depending on the size and the attachment of the surrounding tissues. Stitches can be used in repairing the cut. A portion of mesh on top of the weak spot can be added as well to provide extra strength for the weak muscles.

Incarcerated hernia

In layman’s term, hernia is a protrusion of any internal organ from its original location. In other words, hernia is the bulging out of the body cavity from a location where it is usually contained.

What is Anxiety and Herbs for Anxiety

Natural remedies such as herbs may be used to provide relief from anxiety, which are as effective as conventional medicines. While the conventional medicines may cause side effects or may cause addiction, natural herbs are known to be a safer option as these herbs are natural and free from chemicals which are commonly used in manufacturing medicines. Among the effective herbs as natural treatment for anxiety are as follows:

Kava Kava plants

Kava Kava

Kava Kava plants, especially its roots, are rich source of kavalactones – essential substance in affecting the neurotransmitters of the human nervous system, and as a result, would produce calming effect thereby relieving anxiety. The medicinal value of the roots of Kava Kava plants had been used by indigenous people of the islands of the South Pacific as treatment for anxiety as part of their traditional medicine for centuries. Kava Kava plants are richly growing in the islands of the South Pacific. Medical researches indicate that kavalactones are fast, safe, and effective in reducing anxiety and stress also its great. The primary action of kavalactones is to induce a sedating effect on the patient, thereby relaxing the same.



Ashwagandha is a traditional medicine of India. It is an essential herb of Ayurveda, which is also an effective neurotransmitter agent that reduces stress and anxiety. With this effect, other related illness or disorders such as hypertension, arthritis, and diabetes may be alleviated. The main action of the said plant is to keep homeostasis, maintain the balance of hormones and boost the immune system.



Ginseng is another natural herb that has many applications. It is used to treat anxiety problems, support hormones in their proper functions, and relaxes the body. It is known as a stimulant and is an included ingredient in various vitamins that are marketed in the medical industry. As a stimulant, it reduces stress and relaxes muscles, maintains emotional balance, and boosts general physical well-being, as well as, fights aging.



Chamomile plants are known to relieve stress, skin allergies, eye infections, and insomia. It is popular ingredient for stress relief and baby products. The plants grow in two varieties: the German chamomile and the Roman chamomile. Both are equally important and essential stress relief. It is also used as tea for the same calming effect. Aside from treating stress-related illness such as skin asthma, the plant can also treat insomnia, eye infections, and anxiety.



Valepotriate is a substance that is proven as an excellent treatment for anxiety. This substance can be extracted only from the roots of the valerian plant, hence, the name of the substance. Said substance is used as a sedative in order to relax the body as well as the mind. For centuries, valerian plant has been used in the treatment of stress, insomnia, palpitation, high blood pressure and other stress-related illnesses. Researches say that long-term use of said plant substance proved to be most efficacious in treating said illnesses.



In Central America and South America, grows a plant called Damiana. Said plant is an essential source for treating anxiety. Extracts of the Damiana plant aids in the treatment of stress-related symptoms and ailments as it is potent in controlling the human body hormones. It also has a sedative effect for relaxing the mind and body. Aside from treatment of anxiety, it is also a known aphrodisiac and conditions the body and acts as nerve tonic that is efficient in reducing stress.

There are abundant sources from natural remedies for the treatment of ailments. For instance, herbs had been used by our ancestors in treating diseases. It is due to the non-toxic property of natural herbs that they are regarded as better alternative and worthy of research and development. However, even if natural herbs are known to be safe and efficient, patients are still cautioned to take only such herbal medicines under the control and supervision of a medical expert. Semenax is made from natural herbs and amino acids.